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Beyond the driving test

Post-test driving lessons

Passing the test is a huge achievement and everyone involved will be over the moon. Your child may want to jump straight in the car and drive off into the sunset but unfortunately, that test pass isn't the end of learning.

It’s actually just the beginning - the pass is certification that your child has reached the minimum standard of driving to be allowed out on their own. There's still so much to come: driving at night, driving on the motorway, driving in bad weather.

The best thing you can do at this point is advise your child to have just a couple more lessons. If you've been paying up to this point, it's really worth stretching to this. If you haven’t, consider paying for these last lessons to make sure your child is going to be safe.

Why should your child to have post-test lessons?

  1. Motorways

    Driving on the motorway for the first time is scary for everyone. The safest option is for your child to tackle this for the first time with their driving instructor sat next to them.

    Working out key routes. After passing the test, your child will probably have a few routes they’ll need to travel all the time. Working this out by themselves at rush hour could be a shock if they've had lessons at a set time each week.

  2. Overconfidence

    The big one. Arriving back home with a big grin and an outstretched hand, then jumping straight in the car without a second thought… It's a recipe for disaster. Doing a few more lessons will help remind your child that the learning process is still going on.