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How to improve your ingenie acceleration feedback

Smooth acceleration is mainly down to the choices you make, but there are a few ways to avoid needing to accelerate too hard.

If you're not doing as well as you'd like in your acceleration feedback, take a look at these tips to improve. Just remember: you make the decision to accelerate.


Allow yourself enough time

Part of your observation is assessing whether you have enough time to make your move safely, whether that's overtaking, joining the motorway or entering a roundabout.


If you're pulling out in first gear, allow more time to change up to second so you can get up to speed without over accelerating.


Start your observation early

Get in some early observation as you approach a junction, roundabout or any other place you'll be . Can you see where a vehicle might cause you to slow down or stop?


Not doing this observation means you have to take chances - like moving onto a roundabout and having to put your foot down to avoid a crash.


Try to use the accelerator smoothly

This will:

  • reduce fuel consumption
  • reduce wear and tear on your car
  • make your driving safer
  • reduce the impact your car has on the environment

Accelerating harshly can cause you to skid so be especially careful in icy or wet conditions.


Make sure the driving seat is properly adjusted

Being in the right position you can use the pedals easily and comfortably is very important. Check your seat is far enough forward for you to use the pedals without stretching BEFORE you start driving.


If you’re too far from the pedals, you won’t be able to press the accelerator pedal smoothly.


Try not to over-rev your engine when moving off

Make sure not to press the accelerator more than is needed to make the car move or when your car is stationary.


Although this isn't how your black box works out your acceleration feedback, revving too much will waste fuel and make it harder to control your vehicle. It's also distracting for other drivers.


Get the right gear

Choosing the wrong gear can make the car accelerate too slowly or too quickly, which could cause problems for other drivers.


If you've estimated that you have enough time to move out into traffic, but then can't accelerate at the right speed - you're a hazard.


Improving your driving also improves your chances of getting a discount if you're insured with ingenie. Find out how to improve your speed, braking and cornering.

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