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Fifth gear - do your research

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Fifth gear: do your research

Passing the driving test is amazing. Fantastic, frabjious, super-dooper-mega-wicked-expialidocious.

But what about the next bit?

Learning to drive is tough - actual driving is tougher

Most experts would tell you that the real learning to drive comes after you pass your test. While a lot of the learning process is arguably geared towards passing the test, the first 2 years as a qualified driver are the on-the-job training.

You want your child to be a 'good driver' - but what makes someone a good driver?

As well as helping your new driver get to grips with telling their mates to shut up or get out, choosing not to drink, forward-parking between a post and the neighbour's squiffy 4x4...there's the money.

Anyone under 25 will not have found the costs involved with learning to drive easy. The next bit can be a nightmare of unexplained fees, loopholes and caveats. And that's just the service station coffee on the way home from the test centre.

Getting on the road

As most parents will know, the cost of a car is minuscule compared to the cost of insuring a young driver.

It's an unfortunate fact that under-25s crash more and so pay more for insurance - but that's why we're here. Black box insurance is designed to help with both of those things.

But before making the choice to have a black box, there's some basic things they need to understand about insurance in general.

Insurance tips to pass on

What you need to know about black box insurance:

  • It can give your son or daughter feedback on how they're driving
  • It should involve incentives to improve
  • Quite often, good driving discounts will be taken off the overall premium
  • It doesn't have to mean being home by 8pm or driving everywhere at 20mph
  • It's not unusual anymore - your son or daughter is very likely to have mates with black boxes
Hearing a lot of gossip about black box insurance? Whether it's from your friends or from your young driver, here's the truth.


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  1. Peter D'Silva says:

    As an Ex. Motor Mechanic, it’s very important to find a trustworthy garage (speak with your friends who know reliable garages).

    Speaking from experience, there is no guarantee that you will get a better job done at a Main Dealer, plus servicing and parts are more expensive.
    It pays to know it a bit about cars, to avoid getting ripped off and grossly overcharged (I wish this wasn’t true, but I think this is especially true for lady’s).
    I use a garage, which was recommended by my pastor, and the mechanic has been servicing my cars for years. He will only replace parts if necessary.
    Regular Servicing is essential, to reduce running costs, extend the life of the vehicle, and improve road safety.
    Peter D’Silva.

  2. guest says:

    thanks…..good information….I have to get my car serviced ,I will take care that these points are checked