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Review: the best theory test practice apps

When it comes to passing your theory test, you're in complete control. Unlike in your practical driving test (where anything can happen), you know exactly what's coming and all you have to do is practise enough. You even get to sit down and take your time, in a nice quiet room.

I do advise getting the DVSA book but if you're out and about most of the time, you can't beat a theory test app for quick practice. However, there are a LOT of apps - free and not free. How do you pick?

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Sure, there are reviews in the app store, but when it comes to something as important as practising the theory test questions, you need more to go on than 'This app is gud'. So, martyr that I am, I decided to test a few out.

  • What I'm looking for:

    • The latest theory test question set
    • How close it is to the real theory test
    • How realistic the hazard perception is
    • How easy it is to use
    • How much it costs
    I'll warn you now: the free theory test apps are not worth the space on your phone. Even if they have the right questions, they'll be a limited set so you buy the full app.
    1. Driving Test Success: Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 App

    2. ALL the licenced revision questions from the DVSA - the people who set the tests

      What I thought

      Kinda wish I'd had this app when I was revising my theory test. Why didn't I spend £4.99 on this app? It would have been so much better than waiting until 8pm every night to plague my boyfriend with arguments about whether the DVSA theory test book is wrong... it's not.

      It is just like the actual theory test (skinnied down for mobile) and does fancy stuff like tracking how you're improving with each mock test you do.

      Among other awards, this app was named Apple’s No.1 paid iPhone app of 2018. It also gets an imaginary award I'll call 'ingenie Best Theory Test App 2019' from us.


      • Multiple choice DVSA questions
      • Mock tests and quizzes
      • Interactive case study questions
      • Official DVSA explanations
      • 85 interactive Hazard Perception clips
      • Customisation that lets you go over your weaker areas
      • Progress monitor
      • Free support
      Price OS ingenie rating Best feature
      £4.99 iOS and Android ★★★★✩ Customisable question set
    3. Official DVSA Complete Theory Test Kit

    The ONLY OFFICIAL Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) app for the car theory and hazard perception test. Written by DVSA - the people who set the tests.
    Theory test date planner
    Theory test questions
    Hazard perception app

    What I thought

    It may be a considerable price compared to some of the other apps out there but when you consider that the cost of failing your theory test is £25, it seems like a fair price if it works.

    The major bonus of this theory test app is that it's got hazard perception built in. It's also the OFFICIAL (official, OK? They really want you to know it's official.) DVSA theory test app, so you can't get much closer than that to the real thing.

    I like how it works (the hazard perception is spot on) and it's very thorough. Thumbs up from ingenie.


    • Official multiple choice questions
    • Mock tests
    • Interactive case study questions
    • Official DVSA explanations
    • Hazard perception
    • Test date reminder
    • Progress monitor
    • Highway Code
    • Extra study guides
    Price OS ingenie rating Best feature
    £4.99 iOS and Android ★★★★✩ Hazard perception
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    Chelsey loves her convertible... a resident poser at ingenie. She had 5 driving instructors overall and during her practical test there was a hail storm! She still passed though - a stroke of luck or attempted sabotage from the driving gods? You decide.