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Learning to drive

Why I had post-test driving lessons

As well as getting P-plates when I passed my test, I decided to go for some post-test lessons too.

Partly because I couldn't bring myself to say goodbye to my precious driving instructor, but also because the thought of joining the M25 for the first time made me feel like selling my car.

What post-test lessons are for

You could be the most confident new driver in the world but you only know what you know. You'll never have driven on the motorway and possibly never in the dark either. Post-test driving lessons exist to get you over the bridge from learner to real driver.

When I passed, I found it so weird that 1 minute I was someone who legally needed supervision and the next I was free to drive anywhere I wanted. It can feel like people are expecting a lot of you - "When are you taking us for a ride, when will you be driving to college?" - and having a bit of help with the more ambitious stuff can ease you into your future as a lone driver.

Why you might want post-test lessons

Although your driving instructor's main concern will have been helping you learn the skills you need to stay safe on the road, in the lead-up to your test, the focus will have been on how to pass. You'll have driven the same routes over and over, been nagged about your MSM(PSL) and filled your head with the show me, tell me questions.

That means when you DO pass, you have to suddenly transfer your driving skills to new situations. That can be pretty scary alone.

Things your instructor can probably help you out with:

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