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Spring driving is in the air

The daffodils are blooming, the bobble hats are being left at home and your car is crying out to be driven somewhere other than the local chippy. Yes, spring is certainly on its way.

If you passed your driving test during winter you're probably looking forward to some driving where your journey time doesn't have to factor in thawing your entire car. No more staring at your windscreen as it demists at the rate of tectonic shift while hopelessly scrabbling around for your ingenie ice scraper.


A spring clean is overdue

Your car has been through some tough times over winter. Working harder to keep you safe and warm in rough conditions, battling snow and rain - and what does it get in return?

Your mates jumping in with muddy shoes and leaving the remains of their greasy cheesy McFestive Junkburger under the seat. YUCK.

  1. Put your hand in your pocket

    First things first: treat your car to a proper clean. And not the half-hearted one you did a few months after you bought it, when you sprayed the windows with dirty water and wiped an old tea towel across the bonnet.

    Take it to the actual car wash and watch your baby return to its clean, shiny, laundry-fresh self.

  2. Ditch the junk

    And you know what? With the outside all spanking clean, it's probably time to clear out all the junk you've been hoarding under the seats, in the glove box and every other nook and cranny you could find at the time.

    A nice, tidy car means you're ready to fill it with all the fun stuff you'll need now it's basically summer. No matter how hard you try, that picnic basket with matching thermos and 8-piece dining set is not going to squish in on top of all the other rubbish. Get rid!

Where to go?

Finally, you can drive somewhere more interesting than college and back. A change in weather means a change in mood, and all the places you imagined driving to once you'd passed are now at the top of your to-go list.

A trip to the coast, a drive through the countryside or just setting off on a spontaneous drive with your windows down...yep, DOWN. This is why you wanted a driving licence, so your imaginary #weekendgoals could turn into real-life, this-is-actually-happening plans.

Just remember to take it easy if you're used to driving the same route and haven't done any long-distance journeys yet. Don't forget the basic car prep before you set off as well as planning ahead and keeping an eye on what the weather is doing. Spring doesn't necessarily mean perfect sunshine as we well know and yet still forget the minute our ankles are exposed.

Bunnies and children and racers, oh my!

Nicer weather means everyone jumps into action and heads off to the park, pub garden, farm, seaside - basically anywhere that's better then where they're currently sat.

  1. Eyes peeled

    More people means more hazards to look out for and children playing outside is a big one. Be prepared to drive slower in areas that look like a lot of fun for kids and remember they're just as excited as you to get to the icecream van first.

  2. Mind the skittering floofs

    Of course, spring isn't spring without those tiny balls of fluff hopping around cutely - and cutely dashing out in front of your wheels, too. Upsetting as it is, you can't always avoid hitting an animal on the road so make sure you know how to deal with that situation if it ever happens.

  3. Drive smart - because other people aren't

    A clearer sky and some sunrays can make other drivers go a bit loopy, so just take your time and enjoy the breeze. You've got a spring in your step (omg geddit, geddit??????) but so does everyone else, and that can mean mistakes are made. Make sure you're extra vigilent just in case that chicken does decide to cross the road.

    OK I'll stop now.

Updated: 02/03/2019

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