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Taking your driving instructor on your test

Learning to drive

Is taking your instructor on your driving test a good idea?

My driving instructor is one of my best friends. He should be: we've spent every Saturday morning together for nearly a year now. He's ex-police, ex-navy and current hero of my life.

But do I want him with me when I take my test? I took a trawl through some student forums to find out what the pros and cons are.

4 reasons to take your instructor along on your driving test

  1. Moral support

    It's scary, OK? If you suffer with nerves before an exam or interview, it might help you to know the person you learned all this stuff with is sitting right behind you, willing you to do well.

    But: you might feel more pressure to do well so you don't let them down.
  2. Memory triggers

    Your instructor isn't allowed to talk or signal to you during the test but their presence could act as a memory trigger - what did they say EVERY SINGLE TIME you moved off even though you already did it?

    I can hear my instructor's voice ringing in my head, asking me if I've checked my bloomin' blind spot.

    But: you might be distracted by having someone in the back when you're not used to it.
  3. Note taking

    You can bet your life that your driving instructor will be making a mental note of every single mistake - not because they're horrible; because they really, really want you to do well.

    If you don't pass, your driving instructor will know the exact areas you need some more practice on, so you can target your next few lessons perfectly to help you pass next time.

    But: two people watching you instead of just one may increase those performance nerves.
  4. After-care

    When you finish your driving test, your examiner will give you a de-brief: a run down of how you did. If you didn't pass, they'll probably give you some pointers that you can work on before trying again.

    Having your instructor there means that - while you're busy shaking and swearing - someone is actually listening to the advice, and can repeat it to you later.

    But: nope, no buts. It's definitely a good idea to have your instructor there for the de-brief.

So, will I take my own advice?

I think so! To be honest, I don't think I'd have the heart to look my driving instructor in the eye and tell him I didn't want him there. Not after everything we've been through together.

'Til pass do us part.


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