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How to prepare for spring driving

For spring weather? What, a bit of rain and a bit of sun? What's there to prepare for?

Ah, well, you see - there's actually LOTS to adapt to when winter begins to retreat and spring skips forward.

  1. There's a big ball of firey stuff in the sky

    Fear not - 'tis not the apocalypse. It's the SUN, remember? The sun is out more as spring does its thing but it's still pretty low in the sky when you're driving to work/school/college. That means it's shining right in your face.

    Keep your windscreen smear-free so the sun doesn't turn it practically opaque (not great for seeing the road in front of you) and have some sunglasses to hand.

  2. Mind the little bunnies

    Spring means lots of tiny baby animals hopping and skipping about the place. And it's dreadfully sad but they do insist on playing in the road.

    While there's not a lot you can do if an animal runs out into your path (swerving is dangerous for you and you MUST fight your insinct to do it), there are some things you need to do if you hit one.

    Go see exactly what you need to do if you hit an animal with your car.
  3. Watch your speed

    Because it's lighter, it's really tempting to speed up when the days get longer. But did you know that fewer crashes happen in winter - because we're driving more carefully?

    Don't fall into the trap of getting careless just because you can see better. You should be just as focused on the road as you are when it's dark and icy.

  4. Clean your car

    Finally, the layer of grime coating your car can be banished for a while. It's not just nice to have a spring clean - it's vital for keeping your paintwork nice. And that's a big deal if you ever want to sell your car.

    Bird poop is a nightmare because it's acidic and eats away at your paintwork if you don't get rid of it. General damp leaf buildup in your wheel arches and undercarriage can cause rust too - so get yourself along to the car wash (or bribe a small child with sweets).

    Show your car some love.
  5. Get a tyre check

    Winter sees us slamming into a lot of hidden pot holes so book a tyre check, brake check and wheel balance. With summer coming, you'll be doing more long journeys so now is a good time to get everything sorted.

    Find out everything you need to know about getting your tyres right.

Don't go getting all excited about the weather improving - constant vigilence!