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Learning to drive

How to fit driving practice into your life

Work. Lectures. Kids. Sleep. Gym. Man, we're all too busy.

When you're learning to drive, time gets even tighter. You've got to get in your driving lessons but you also really need to squeeze in driving practice outside of lessons as well.

And it's not just your time you have to worry about. There's your practice buddy too - and if that's your mum or dad, working around their schedule could be tricky.

3 ways you can squeeze in some driving practice

  1. Take your mam shopping

    Whoever's car you're insured to practise in, will be happy to fit in some practice with you if it means they'll get to do something useful at the same time.

    Shopping is a great one because you'll get a bit of a drive in but also - eeek - some parking.

    If one of your parents has to take a younger sibling to ballet or football or rocket science club, jump in with an eager smile and a hand outstretched for the keys. Having passengers is great experience but make sure you're confident enough to not get distracted.

  2. Be your own lift to college

    If your practice partner is a good sport and doesn't mind doing some supervising on the way to work or the school run, you can take the wheel and get to college at the same time!

    The experience of rush hour on a week day is so valuable but it is stressful so make sure your driving instructor agrees you're ready to tackle it.

    You may also want to pull up before you get all the way there so your mates aren't watching you park...

  3. Join in with things you'd usually avoid

    If you want someone in your family to help you out with driving practice, you've got to keep up your end of the bargain.

    You might usually avoid family fun of a weekend but if it means you get an hour of driving practice in, maybe that picnic is a good idea after all.

    Trips to see the grandparents, your little sister's birthday some willing and you'll be shown some in return.

Grab your chances for driving practice when you can

These quick and dirty drives may happen quite randomly but they're actually amazing practice for what driving will be like when you're doing it alone.

Going over parallel parking's great and all, but the 10 minute drive to Asda on a Saturday morning is unpredictable, ever-changing and as realistic as it gets.

Don't believe 10 minutes is enough time for some practice?
Check out our driving practice plans.