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Running a car

How to check your windscreen washer

Dust, mud, tree gunk, bird poop - windscreen washer is there for you, whatever the mess.

Being able to see is sort of important for moving forward without crashing, so here's how to make sure you're good to go.


Here's the steps:

Just before you start choose the washer fluid you want - you can buy it ready to go or you can buy it in concentrate, which means mixing it with water.

Check your owner's manual for how much fluid your washer reservoir holds - it's usually 2 litres but you don't want to overfill

  1. Make sure your engine's cold and you're parked on level ground. Find your washer fluid cap.
  2. Pop it open
  3. Check the level either on the side of the tube or inside
  4. If you need to fill up, pour in your washer fluid - check the level again if you're not sure how much it needs
  5. Cap back on, off you go