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How to check your tyre pressure

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How to check your tyre pressure

So, all you really need is a petrol garage and a £1 coin. Most petrol garages have an air pump station that does all the hard work for you (so you can forget worrying about having to aggressively stamp on a blow-up pump).

Before setting off, check what your tyre pressure should be and make a note of it. This saves you having to flap about checking the inside doors or petrol cap, before remembering it's in your car manual that's currently under your bed.

Here's how to get pumped up (or down)

10 easy steps for checking your tyre pressure

  1. Pick a petrol garage and drive up to where it says air. Then just park next to the machine.
  2. Get your £1 out. Yep, this is one of those rare occasions when you actually need cash on you.
  3. Pop your coin in and enter the tyre pressure you need by pressing the + and - buttons.
  4. Pick a tyre, unscrew the valve cap and grab the air pump nozzle thing.
  5. Put the air pump nozzle thing on the valve and wait a second while it checks the pressure for you. Clever.
  6. If it’s not the right pressure, the machine will inflate or deflate the tyre to the level you selected on the machine.
  7. Wait for the beeeeep and you’re done. Make sure you screw the valve cap back on nice and tight.
  8. Only 3 more to go. Work your way around the car doing the same to each tyre.
  9. When you’re done just hang the air pump nozzle thing back on the machine.
  10. Step back, wipe your grubby hands on something you don't mind ruining and give yourself a pat on the back – you’re now officially a car maintenance god.
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