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Filling up screenwash

Running a car

Do you know how to top up your screenwash?

You need to make sure you can see clearly out of your windscreen at all times. Keeping your windscreen washer fluid topped up is essential all year round, to deal with dust and flies in summer, and mucky spray in winter.

You can buy screenwash at any garage, petrol station or Halfords type shop.

  1. Lift the bonnet and prop it up

    Your bonnet has a stand to support it while you do your checks.

    Using it will make you feel like you know what you're doing AND stop you getting shut in your engine. Win.

    It's best to wait for your engine to cool down before you do this so you don't burn yourself.

    Prop bonnet open
  2. Find the screenwash cap

    Small-ish and round-ish, this will usually have a picture of a windscreen on it to help you out.

    If you can't spot where it lives, check your car's user manual.

    Screenwash cap
  3. Check the screenwash level

    The washer container is a bit see-through so you can see how much fluid is in there.

    The container also has minimum and maximum fill lines so you know if you need to top the windscreen fluid up.

    Checking your wiper fluid
  4. Fill her up!

    Fill the container up to the max level and then pop the cap back on securely.

    In winter, you should use anti-freeze windscreen wash (this is not just anti-freeze plus screenwash though - sorry).

    Filling up your wiper fluid
  5. Check your washer fluid level at least once a month

    You might find you use more washer in different weather so if you think you've been using it more, it's worth checking. If you're planning a long journey it's a good idea to check all your fluids before you set off.

Remember: this is a possible show me, tell me question in the vehicle maintenance part of the practical driving test.

You'll also need to do it many times over the years!