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8 best Christmas gifts you can buy from a petrol station

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8 best Christmas gifts you can buy from a petrol station

So you've had that sudden realisation that you have 58 people to buy for and your bank balance is looking rather sad from your epic summer of spending. Right?

Well, do not panic. Because we've scouted out some absolute gems under £10 for you to wrap up for your nearest and dearest. The best bit - you can pick them up while you're filling up with petrol. Win.

  1. Set of screw drivers

    Forget the crappy ones that come in a Christmas cracker. We're talking about a decent set from the garage. They're handy, they're something you're always going to need but would never want to buy for yourself, and they look more expensive than they cost.

    Plus, when the whiney child at the family party starts crying because she can't open the back of her super star karaoke microphone machine - you'll be the HERO for buying that screw driver kit.

  2. Tin of biscuits

    It's one of those gifts that you've already guessed before you've unwrapped it but still, who wouldn't be happy with a box of biscuits all to themselves on a cold winter's night?

    A secret santa gift, a donation to your church, a last minute panic gift for when your neighbour unexpectedly turns up with a pressie and you haven't got them anything. It really does cover all bases.

    Stick a pretty ribbon on the top and you're done.

    Petrol station gifts - biscuits
  3. A Christmas door mat

    Usually found outside the front doors (by all the leftover BBQ coal that's now soggy and wet), a Christmas door mat will be a hit with any relative. Why? Well, because it instantly makes a household look like they care about Christmas and it's the first thing any visting guest will comment on. So you'll forever be known as the wonderful Son/Daughter/Niece/Nephew who bought that lovely door mat. Awww.

    It'll even be a hit with the Scrooge of the family. If they really hate all things festive you can just tell them it's so they can wipe their muddy boots on Santa's face.

    Merry Christmas?!

  4. Chocolate

    No, don't just grab the 3 Mars bars for a fiver deal - pick up some nice boxes that show you actually like them. You know the ones - the gold Ferrero Rocher or the red Lindt Lindor truffles. Classy.

    OR, even better, grab a few of the big tubs of Quality street and it can double up as a dog bowl, plant pot or sewing kit for your Nan after.

    TIP: don't leave them down by the footwell heaters on your drive home.
    Petrol station gifts - chocolate
  5. Solar power garden lights

    Anything garden related is usually a hit with anyone over the age of 30 - right?

    Most people unintentionally neglect their gardens during winter, so it's a nice gift to inspire someone to get the gloves on and get outside again.

    They're useful all year round and you don't even need to cough up for batteries. You're welcome.

  6. De-icer and anti-freeze

    Sounds boring but stick with me.

    It's such a useful gift for literally anyone (who drives) and if you can present it nicely - yes that means minor effort is required - you can make a cool car kit in no time.

    De-mister pads, interior wipes, car wash, ice scrapers - go wild.

    It'll come in handy for all seasons and they can keep it in the boot or out of the way in the garage so there will be no moaning about where they're going to put "all this stuff".

    Petrol station gifts
  7. Lottery tickets and scratch cards

    When you think about it, this really is the most generous gift you could give. You're giving someone else YOUR chance of becoming a millionaire. I mean, come on. If that isn't the epitome of goodwill I don't know what is.

    Sure, the chances of winning are minuscule and they'll know you've only spent a few pound on them - but that's not the point.

  8. Random brand wine

    The best thing about this is no one will know where you bought it from. Unless you gift it to Great Uncle Derek who likes to think of himself as a bit of a connoisseur.

    The more random the better. You can pretend it's come from a secret winery built in the Incan mountains of Peru, and carried down precariously at sunrise by nearly extinct llamas.

    Too much to remember? Maybe just say Merry Christmas and leave it as that then.

    Petrol station gifts - wine
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