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7 most haunted places to visit in the UK

It's October. And whether you're someone who turns all the lights off to avoid the trick-or-treaters, or turns all the lights off to binge watch Freddie Krueger movies - there's no escaping Halloween season.

Mwahahahahahah. Sorry.

But if blood, guts, hangings and ghostly goings-on is a thrill of yours, we've put together the 7 most haunted places to visit in the UK - perfect for a freaky day out with your mates.

Those of a sensitive disposition, look away now.

  1. Borley Rectory, Essex

    Known as one of the most haunted houses in the UK, Borley Rectory is the home of ghost stories that stretch over 100 years. The building itself was destroyed by an oil lamp fire in 1939, but its grounds are claimed to be haunted by a nun, looking for a monk who she fell in love with from the monastery.

    They were both sentenced to death after attempting to elope together. The monk was sent to the gallows and the nun sealed into the walls of the nunery - ALIVE.

    With reports of mysterious footsteps, messages appearing on the walls and aggressive poltergeist activity, Borley Rectory should be top of your road trip list this Halloween.

    Be careful though - the apparitions around these grounds apparently like to throw stones at prospective ghost hunters.


    Borley Rectory, Essex Borley Rectory Inside, Essex


  2. The Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

    Not quite the cosy, country pub you might have in mind - The Ancient Ram Inn has featured in Most Haunted and the US series, Ghost Adventures. With a pretty gory history of witch burning, hangings in the attic and murdered children buried under the floor, you're in the right place for a stiff drink before you settle for the night.

    Built on ancient pagan burial ground, visitors have been known to flee their rooms in the middle of the night claiming that a demonic force had pulled them across the bed.

    The 872-year-old inn definitely won't give you a good night's sleep, but it'll give you a good story to tell your mates when you're back in the comfort of your local Wetherspoons.

  3. Pluckley Village, Kent

    Said to be the Most Haunted Village in England (upheld by the Guiness Book of Records) the tiny, sleepy village of Pluckley, home to just 1,069 residents, isn't to be laughed at when it comes to the scream factor.

    With a whopping 12 ghost sightings reported we're fighting the temptation to jump in our cars and set off on the M25 right now.

    Here's who you might bump into:

    • The Watercress Woman - said to haunt Pinnock Bridge, where she used to sit smoking her pipe, drinking gin and selling watercress she'd gathered from the stream (it was a lucrative business). That was until she burst into flames soaked in her own gin.
    • Rubert Du Bois - The Highwayman who was murdered and pinned to a tree has been seen to stalk around his own murder scene.
    • The ghost of a small, white dog outside St Nicholas Church. Sounds pretty cute to me - unless its head's hanging off or it's been possessed or something.
    Be warned: in 2009 the village residents declared Halloween as cancelled due to the hordes of tourists visiting the area. So if the ghosts don't scare you away, the locals just might.
  4. Hampton Court Palace, London

    This one's a real favourite of ours to visit, whatever the time of year. Medieval history tours, iceskating and music concert's from Paloma Faith to Tom Jones. Trust me when I say this isn't just for the supernatural obsessed.

    But if you've come here for the scares - Hampton Court Palace won't disappoint. Home to Henry VIII and his 6 wives, it's packed to the royal rafters with blood-curdling history.

    One of the most common sightings is of King Henry's third wife, Jane Seymour, who died giving birth. The King ordererd for Jane's heart to be buried beneath The Altar and she's since been seen floating around the courtyard holding a candle. Sad.

    I'm sold. When are we going?

    Hampton Court Ghost Hampton Court, Henry VIII


  5. Highgate Cemetery, London

    The burial place of many famous names, from Karl Marx to George Michael, Highgate Cemetery is London's renowned horror venue.

    Said to be the meeting place for santanists and witches, the chances of seeing a lost soul wandering around the unmarked graves is pretty high.

    The most recent sighting from 2013 was of a Victorian-dressed man floating in the park - said to be a vampire looking for his next prey.

    TIP: Wear a polo neck.
  6. Ham House, Surrey

    There's something about this building that makes even the toughest of visitors feel a bit uneasy.

    According to the National Trust, who now own and look after Ham House, the sound of footsteps can regularly be heard along with an unexplainable smell of roses. Although there's worse smells associated with death, I'm sure.

    The restless spirit of Elizabeth Murray Duchess of Lauderdale (catchy name) who lived at Ham House for 72 years, is said to roam the rooms and was seen walking down the grand staircase.

    Many visitors have reported a strange, oppressive atmosphere in the main room with pets also being reluctant to enter. The unnerving force is apparently so powerful that staff at the house have been known to mutter "Good afternoon your ladyship" before going in - just to cover their backs.

    Ham House, Surrey Ham House, Surrey


  7. Powis Castle, Wales

    Once a secure place of residence for the military, the castle dates back to 1200 and was later transformed into a fine home for wealthy families. The Dukes Room and Ballroom Wing are said to be the most haunted parts of the castle, so head there.

    A lady dressed in black has been seen sitting by the fireplace in The Dukes Room and one visitor reported the feeling of a hand brushing down their arm as they left the room. Brrr, goosebumps. Even freakier - the piano in The Ballroom Wing has been heard playing on its own with the stool sliding across the floor. How does that happen?! Tell me. Please.

    Guests have also witnessed a maid peering out of a bedroom window and the feeling of an ice cold hand gripping the back of their neck. So all in all, it sounds like a lovely day out. Who's with me?


If you're still feeling fearless, check out this list of the UK's most haunted roads. You might find yourself driving a different route home tonight.💀


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