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5 tips for driving with passengers

Even if you haven’t passed your test and you’re still learning, you may find yourself in the position of having a passenger other than your practice partner in the car.

And once you’ve passed, it’s almost certain those lift requests are going to come rolling in.

So, here’s 5 tips for making sure your passengers don’t drive you to distraction.

  1. Remember: seatbelts don’t only save lives

    When you’ve not been driving long, it’s really important to minimise distractions. So if you’ve got 3 loud mates jumping around in the back, reaching into the boot, leaning forward to punch you..? It’s a recipe for disaster.

    In this instance, seatbelts are an excellent restraint as well as a legal requirement. They’ll come in handy in a crash but they’ll also keep your friends nicely strapped down so you can focus on driving.

  2. Make a playlist

    If you’re going on a long drive, ask your passengers for song suggestions so you can make a playlist before you set off.

    Not only will this minimise distracting arguments, it’ll also cut down on the amount you have to fiddle with your stereo, or be annoyed by other people doing the same.

  3. Don’t agree to drive drunk friends when you’ve just passed

    Drunk people are pretty much the worst if you’re sober. But when you have to drive home with them telling you they love you, trying to get out of the car or even threatening to be sick, you’ve reached a new circle of hell.

    It’s not a good idea to be the designated driver if you haven’t been driving very long because it takes a lot of experience to stay safe with all that nonsense going on around you.

  4. Ignore criticism

    Dave might think he’s the best driver in the world but he’s in YOUR car and if he doesn’t like it, he can walk.

    Yeah, it’s annoying to have someone rinse your driving, but remember that good old Dave-o isn’t actually qualified to tell you what you’re doing wrong and probably makes some pretty silly mistakes himself.

  5. They say never work with children or animals…

    Kids and pets are another big distraction. Although you’ll probably have both as passengers at some point, it’s best to wait a while until you’re 100% confident.

    If you do have to drive a child or animal somewhere, remember this: they’re unpredictable. Make sure they’re very securely settled in their seat and check online for regulations regarding things like child seats.

  6. Got any tips for dealing with unruly passengers?
    Let us know – but keep it legal, people.