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5 things every student knows about loan week

Is that the sound of pennies flooding into your bank account?! Yes. Yes it is. Your student loan has arrived again and the months of desperately checking your banking app are now over.


Well, for 24 hours at least.

Here's 5 things every student will now go and do:

  1. Pay your rent :'(

    It has to be done. It's been lurking behind you like the Grim Reaper, tapping you on the shoulder every time you go to buy something remotely luxury - like toothpaste. You know it makes sense to get it out the way.

    The Grim Reaper
  2. Buy that text book you should have bought last year

    You said you'd buy it on day uno and you DID have every intention, but you just couldn't bring yourself to spend £29.99 on a book that you'll most likely never even open. Instead, you spent the money on train tickets and several emergency footlong Italian BMTs.

    The only inconvenience is that your lecturer has actually referred to the book in every single seminar and you've spent the whole year feeling a tad lost. Today's the day - bite the bullet and buy the blinking book.

  3. Pizza. Always.

    ...and you don't mean from the frozen aisle - come onnn, that was then. You mean the big night in combo deal you've seen hanging in Domino's front window for weeks. You're talking garlic bread, (cheesy obvs), potato wedges, BBQ chicken wings, dips - the whole shebang.

    Oh - and you're not collecting it, no way.

    Cry-eating pizza
  4. Paying Mum and Dad back

    The devil on your shoulder is telling you to let it slide: "They love youuu - they won't minddd." But the angel on the other side remembers the food, toiletries, kitchen supplies and emergency laptop repair that your parents have already paid for this year.

    Keeping Mum and Dad on your side throughout university is essential and being trusted to pay back your debts will mean you can rely on them again if needed. A bunch of flowers and some posh chocs MAY even mean they hand you back a few notes for being such an appreciative child.

    No promises.

  5. Buying fruit

    You've suddenly got some cash and there you are, buying yourself the first piece of fruit you've had in months. And not just any old meal deal fruit bag; you're buying watermelon, cherries and even a 2-pack of avocados. #cleaneating

    Make the most of it though - by next week you'll be back to surviving on own-brand Choco Plops and those generic instant noodles that give you that funny rash.

    Muscle food

If by some miracle you have anything left in the kitty, here's how to work out what a car is going to cost you.


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