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5 signs you’re just too obsessed with your car

If you've ever sat down and wondered if it's normal to love your car as much as you do, it's probably not. Then again, if your car is the biggest and most expensive thing you own, wanting to look after it, take pictures of it and share your life with it is understandable. Right? Guys?

Here's how to tell if you're head over wheels

  1. Spending more on your car than yourself

    You look at your banking app and have the sudden realisation that most of your cash goes on spoiling your baby rather than looking after yourself.

    Your wallet contains a £100 receipt from Halfords and a £38.75 receipt from your big shop at Tesco. But you don't care. You'd rather make sure your car is given the best oil money can buy than feed yourself for the month.

    There's always that emergency Mars bar in the glovebox to keep you going anyway.

    Spending money on your car
  2. You just can't stop talking about it

    Your car is your pride and joy. The way you hear people cooing and awwing over a new born baby, well, that's you, but your baby just happens to have 4 wheels and be made of metal. Any excuse to reel off a stat about your car, you'll take it. And you love to ask people if their car has a name, just so you can share yours.

    Don't forget you also can't help but drop into convo how most of your weekend plans revolve around your car - "I'm planning on buffing Fiona all day long." Hey, no judgement here, what you do in your own time is personal.

  3. Someone else using your car gives you anxiety

    The words "Can I borrow the car this evening?" literally make you want to grab your keys and run. You know that Dad won't drive as carefully as you and you resent the fact you have to submit your pride and joy to the mercy of a man who thinks your first car should "take a few dings."

    car anxiety

    You also don't really have a choice as your old man did help you out with paying for the insurance. BUT it doesn't stop you pining by the window until the car is back in its safe spot on the left side of the drive, away from your mum's rusting wheelbarrow of a 4x4. She never did have great parking skills.

    Now, just need to move the seat back to its EXACT POSITION, hoover out the biscuit crumbs (😭) and inspect the car from top to bottom for any scratches.

  4. You can't stop snapping

    Every time you look at your car you get an uncontrollable urge to reach for your phone and take a quick snap. Look at it. So perfect. So innocent.

    Let's face it: the main reason you keep your car so clean anyway is so you can show it off on Insta - nothing to do with selling it down the line.

    And if you do happen to have that perfect Insta worthy pic of your car, next time you make it your Instagram story (we know you're going to anyway!) why not tag us @ingenieinsurance, we'd love to see it.

  5. You can't keep your eyes off it

    Parking your car far away is just not an option for you. Not because you don't want the walk (you've almost forgotten how to do it) but because you need to be able to see your car at ALL times.

    You're already late for your restaurant booking and the car park has several spaces but none of them will do. You're after the one at the front. The one next to the manager's space where you're guaranteed to still see your precious from any table.

    Your friends have suffered this rigmarole so many times that they now just suggest grabbing food from a drive-thru instead. Um, what? Grease? Mayonnaise? Burger juice??!?!???!!?!?!!

    watching your car

    It's like they don't even know you at all.

We know you feel like it's an everlasting love but we'll just leave our advice on buying a used car here... Just in case.


Lucia joined ingenie in 2015 and works on all our social media stuff. Her first car was a super old VW Beetle, but soon realised it wasn't ideal for a new driver and changed to a yellow, new style Mini Cooper, named Bradley.