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13 driving dreads and how to (ghost) bust them

Driving can be a scary business even after years at the wheel - and not many drivers talk about it. As we're coming up to Halloween, we wanted to find out just what gives you serious driving dread. Parallel parking? Other drivers? The dark?

Part of getting over your fears is of course - to face them. But a little help from the people who have been there, done it and bought the zombie t-shirt always helps.

We polled over 200 young drivers to find out what scares them most about being behind the wheel and what advice they would give to a new driver feeling anxious.

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Here's what they had to say

  • “Traffic jams and irate drivers in them.”
  • "Try to relax, the calmer I am the better I drive, I definitely concentrate more when I’m relaxed."

  • “The first time you drive on the road after passing - 'the stabilisers off' moment!”
  • "You'll probably find you learn the most when you start driving on your own - be brave!

  • "Drivers being unpredictable is scary, I wish we were all a bit more consistent."
  • "You’re not alone everyone feels anxious. Start with short, familiar drives to build your confidence."

  • "Being judged by other drivers about how you drive."
  • "Don't be bullied into driving unsafely (e.g. Speeding) by other drivers."

  • "I have the fear of driving fast and also the fear of going up hills and doing hill starts."
  • "The more you practice, the easier it gets. I used to be really scared but now find it quite relaxing."

  • "Knowing you’re completely in control of the car once you’ve passed your test, without anyone being able to help."
  • "Drive with a good friend, preferably one that has been driving longer than you and can help take your mind of things."

  • Driving fear Driving advice

    Driving fears

    Driving fear Driving fear

    Driving fear Driving fear

  • "Other people getting annoyed and being impatient while you park."
  • "Don't give into pressure from anybody else - you're never going to see them again!"

  • "The fear of hitting an innocent animal when driving around country lanes."
  • Always remain alert and stay a safe distance to anticipate any hazards or changes. Also get yourself a dash cam for peace of mind in the case of an accident.

  • "The pressure to not make mistakes due to potential negative reactions from other drivers."
  • "Remember EVERY person driving has started as a learner. Don’t feel guilty if you make mistakes - we all do!
  • Less spooked? Here's a little extra help if you're feeling anxious about learning to drive.


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