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Petrol will change from September 2021 – are you ready?

Hey you... yeah you!

Got some pretty important news here that is really good but also maybe a bit concerning.

It’s to help the environment… so that’s awesome! But it could mean you might have to spend more on petrol, or get a new car.

Sounds a bit of a hassle, doesn’t it? Ok, let me break it down.

Fuel changes

Fuel is currently something called: E5, and you know the super-fuel (also super expensive), well that is also E5 but a more refined version.

But from September 2021, E5 will be no more and the new improved and green E10 will have taken its place.

This is awesome for the environment but bad for classic, vintage or old cars and you need to be prepared because the current E5 petrol will not be available to you if your car needs it.

Why should you care?

To put it bluntly, your car might not work or be able to be driven if it doesn’t take the new fuel.

Info from the Gov (the fountain of knowledge) is that all cars built from 2011 upwards will be able to use the E10 fuel and certain models like BMW will be ok to use it no matter how old they are.

BUT (and there is a huge, cautious but!) that is not to be taken as 100% fact and you’re recommended to use their tool to see if your car will be compatible or not.

And if the tool can’t give you a straight answer, then you’ll have to ring the company who makes your car and ask them.

What happens if your car won’t vibe with E10?

Well, you will be able to use the super unleaded petrol that is already available at petrol stations nationwide. But be warned it is pricier than normal petrol.

Don’t attempt to just use the E10 petrol either. According to the RAC, if you fill your car up with it by mistake and your car can only take E5 then you don’t need to panic. It won’t cause any significant damage if done once or twice but it will eventually eat away at your petrol tank and engine seals and destroy the car if you keep using it.

100% would not recommend! Better to use the super fuel if needed or get a car that takes E10 petrol.

If you’re a new driver or already driving and looking at getting a car or a new car in light of these changes, be sure to check our website for insurance help.

Science lesson

Eeek, there is a lot to digest on what the fuel actually is. It made my brain hurt a little - so in the simplest of terms:

E5 and E10 contain ethanol, which is a form of alcohol and not some gin from the local off licence, oh no, this is bioethanol, made out of crops like wheat and hops.

The new petrol, E10, is made up of 10% bioethanol and will help the UK to be on its way to cutting C02 emissions to meet the target of zero emissions by 2050. Brazil currently run their cars off 100% ethanol, so only using a renewable energy to run our cars can be done, which is great news for the planet!

It’s not easy being green

Even though we all want to save our world, we also know some of us don’t have a huge amount of money lying around to just up and buy a new car if needed! So, there will, no doubt, be many angry motorists around after this change.

All we can suggest is to make sure you’re prepared and clued up on what your situation is as soon as you can and keep an eye out for what petrol you are filling up with at the station.

You can also find maintenance tips and other great driving reads on our blog and young driver’s guide.

Chelsey Fielding

By Chelsey Fielding

Chelsey loves her convertible... a resident poser at ingenie. She had 5 driving instructors overall and during her practical test there was a hail storm! She still passed though - a stroke of luck or attempted sabotage from the driving gods? You decide.