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4 new illegal driving habits – get prepared!

Since coming out of lockdown and Covid-19 restrictions being lifted earlier this month, there are more people out on the road enjoying their freedom once again.

But some sneaky changes have been made to some driving laws and we wanted to make sure you knew. We’re good like that!

To keep you living the driving dream, check out following 4 legal changes:

  1. Green plates

    So, green plates are a pretty new thing.

    They were introduced during lockdown last year to encourage drivers to become more eco aware and switch to electric cars.

    39% of you had seen green plates around but 69% of you didn’t know what they were and yeah, we were scratching our heads about this one too.

    Basically, having a green plate on your car means your car is known as having zero emissions. City councils can recognize these plates, essentially unlocking special benefits for drivers who have switched to electric.

    If you have an electric car with a green plate, then you could get access to cheaper parking and not have to pay to drive in zero-emission zones.

    So, while this isn’t so much a change about doing something wrong, it's a legal change that could be something to think about in the future.

    Level up, let's goooo!

  2. Clean Air Zones

    Sounds refreshing doesn’t it!

    Major cities are going to introduce a scheme that is already trending in London and get on it to try and reduce nasty emissions in our environment.

    That's calm!

    All you need to do is check if your car is in the category of having higher emissions (mostly older cars) and pay to enter that zone.

    Birmingham have already launched theirs and a car that has higher emissions will have to pay £8 a day to access the Clean Air Zone, so the rate will be similar in most cities.

    Portsmouth and Oxford are next on the list to get in on the action. You can find out at the Gov website more details on other cities and if your vehicle will be allowed into the zones for free or not.

  3. EU Driving

    Going on holibobs still seems far away but it can’t hurt to know the changes for when you can be unleashed into the glorious EU.

    Brexit means you’ll need to carry new documents to travel in the EU and British drivers will need to carry something called a ‘green card’ to prove you’re insured to drive in the EU, Norway, Serbia, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.

    And if you're driving your own car in the EU, you might have to jazz up your car with a GB sticker on your number plate. This identifies your car is from the UK.

    Just so you know, you don’t have to do any of this in Ireland.

    Oh, and if you’re driving your car to the EU and will be there for less than 12 months, then you need to bring your logbook (V5C) or a VE103. Basically means you're legit and are allowed to use your motor or hire car abroad.

    Although it’s probably good to check specific advice for any country you’re travelling to and make sure you have everything you need.

  4. MOT’s

    Last one!

    Pretty sure everyone knows that the 6 month exemption from MOT tests, given last year during lockdown, is no longer available anymore.

    But just in case; that exemption finished in August 2021 and if you don't have an up-to-date certificate, it could mean a fine of up to £1,000, your car being crushed like a little tin can and cancelled insurance.

    Expensive mistake to make and let’s face it, it’s been a tough few years, things can be missed. So, check to see when your MOT next expires and don’t get caught out.

And that’s a wrap.

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Chelsey Fielding

By Chelsey Fielding

Chelsey loves her convertible... a resident poser at ingenie. She had 5 driving instructors overall and during her practical test there was a hail storm! She still passed though - a stroke of luck or attempted sabotage from the driving gods? You decide.