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Driving Tests April 2021! Freedom is on the horizon – and in more ways than one!

Since the PM’s announcement of his hopeful roadmap out of the pandemic, there have been rumors circulating about when driving lessons and tests will be given the green light to restart and, AT LAST, dates have been confirmed!

Tests for both theory and practical are to resume no earlier than 12th April 2021. Get in! Yes, literally, get in your car and let’s go!

The DVSA (aka, the gods of driving) have announced rules, dates and advice for upcoming plans.

So, we thought, in the spirit of being helpful and full of spring joy, we would make it a little easier on you to come to one place for all the tips and prep (although, probably a good idea to check the Gov website too).

Before we start

Important Dates for your calendar:

  • 12th April - Lessons and theory tests can resume
  • 22nd April – Practical tests can take place

(All subject to social distancing and government changes)

Now, buckle up, get excited and prepare your own roadmap for driving success.

Theory Test Safety

When you arrive for your theory test you will have to do a few things a little differently, bet that comes as no surprise, but luckily it won’t be too drastic.

With that in mind, the following info might be helpful to note:

  • All test centres will be furiously cleaning throughout the day
  • There will be screens to separate you and receptionists on your arrival
  • Enough hand sanitizer to complete a full skin care routine will be provided on arrival, during your test and after
  • Your workstation, including computer and headphones, will be thoroughly decontaminated, (hopefully the keys will still be visible), before your test
  • Staff will be wearing a face covering and gloves, unless exempt
  • You are required to wear a mask, unless exempt, but will be asked to remove it briefly, to confirm your ID (just in case you were planning on sending your older sibling in your place… naughty)
  • Don’t bring anyone with you… so lone wolf it, gotta keep that social distancing up
  • You will have to put your belongings in lockers, but they will explain that to you and give you cleaning equipment to wipe them down before you put your stuff in there
  • Where you will take the test will be placed 1 meter away from others and safely separated with partitions

Pssst… some nifty answers and tips on how to pass your theory test are located on our blog

Oh, and if you’re going to be learning to drive in someone else’s car, you might want to take a look at our learner driver insurance cover.

Practical Tests

Ok, so that’s the theory test sorted, but what about the practical? Well, these will be slightly different and all subject to government guidelines, but at a glance, this is what you can expect.

Practical Test rules

  • First things first, make sure your theory test is IN date! Your certificate is only valid for 2 years or less from when you passed
  • You can still book your test online, or your instructor can do it for you
  • On booking, you must let them know that you’re exempt from wearing a mask. If you’re not, then you must wear a face covering – if you don’t, you won’t be able to do your test
  • You will be asked to remove your mask briefly to confirm your ID
  • The examiner will also be wearing a mask and gloves
  • Only you and the examiner will be in the car during the test
  • Don’t arrive any earlier than 5 minutes on the day
  • Some test centre waiting rooms will be closed, but your instructor can find out beforehand if this is the case
  • Toilets are open for use on request (we can all get a bit nervous before a big test, so this is actually relieving news!)
  • IF you are taking the test in your own car, make sure the inside of your car looks like Barry Scott from Cilit Bang has personally come and cleaned it. The examiner will also most likely do an additional clean of some surfaces
  • You might be using your instructor’s car and so they will cover that cleaning responsibility
  • While taking your test, 2 windows must be open on each side, at all times. This can be any combination, 1 at the front and 1 at the back if preferred
  • Make sure you are dressed with this in mind. Nothing will put you off more than turning up in shorts and a vest to do a test in what feels like arctic wind

On top of all this information, you also need to ensure that your car is test ready and road worthy. This is very important, COVID or not, because if it is not, then no test will be happening. Again, if you are taking the test in your instructor’s car, they will make sure this is done.

All this research can make the actual process of passing your test a hassle before it’s even started and it’s not even April yet!

But no worries, we’ve got you! Check out our blog on how to pass your test and other useful tips… like making sure your car is prepared and how to ace the ‘show me, tell me’ questions.

When you’ve passed your test, we’ll still be here for you with more advice and excellent insurance cover options, that will help you enjoy your newfound freedom, but without the financial worry.

The stuff you already know, but needs to be said

For obvious reasons, you should NOT attend your test if you have any COVID symptoms, have been told by the NHS track and trace app to self-isolate or you have recently entered the UK.

Of course, it is always advised to do as much prep and fact finding as possible and the most up-to-date source is normally the Gov website.

So, be sure to check the following links out for Government advice on theory and practical tests.

Chelsey Fielding

By Chelsey Fielding

Chelsey loves her convertible... a resident poser at ingenie. She had 5 driving instructors overall and during her practical test there was a hail storm! She still passed though - a stroke of luck or attempted sabotage from the driving gods? You decide.