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Is black box insurance just for young drivers?

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Black box insurance is usually aimed at young drivers, which is why as an older or experienced driver we might not have considered it a possibility.

Believe it or not, black boxes aren’t just for young or new drivers. They have loads of benefits for drivers of any age and driving stage. Here’s why:

  1. A black box helps you drive more safely

    As we gain more experience on the road, we become (hopefully) better drivers, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still need to be accountable. Even the most seasoned drivers can pose a risk on the road when we’re acting on autopilot.

    Most black box insurance companies will give you feedback on different aspects of driving to make you aware of areas you might need to be mindful of. ingenie’s black box insurance gives you a driving score and tells you how well you’re driving in terms of speed, braking, acceleration and cornering.

    If one area starts to slip, you’ll know exactly where you’re going wrong and how to stay on track. Any bad habits that sometimes build up with experience can be nipped right in the bud.

    A common misconception is that black box companies act like ‘Big Brother,’ watching your every move and penalising you for every little thing. In reality, the driving score is there for your own benefit and to act as a guide. You’ll get general driving feedback from us every 10 days or so, but outside of this feedback, we’ll only contact you if you’re driving is worrying or dangerous.

    A black box rewards you for your good driving

    It's true, you’ll get rewarded for your safe driving. No, we’re not just talking about that sweet sense of accomplishment you get from being the best driver on the roads (although personally, we think that feeling alone might be worth it). We’re talking actual monetary savings on your insurance.

    ingenie’s black box insurance for example, gives you the chance to earn up to 21% off your insurance back in discounts, with price reviews 3 times a year.

    So, as well as keeping up a clear conscience with your good driving, you’ll save money for it too. Enough said really.

    A black box is useful in case of theft

    There’s one perhaps unexpected reason you may want to pick black box insurance. A black box is effectively a tracker, which means you’ll breathe a huge sigh of relief in the event, god forbid, that your car gets stolen. The likelihood of getting your car recovered if you have a black box is much higher than if you don’t have one. So, you can worry less about that brand new car sitting in your driveway.

If you’re a good driver and are looking for a better price on your insurance, you’re keen on some extra driving feedback, or you feel you’d like to be kept accountable when driving (maybe you want to set a good example for the kids), a black box insurance policy could be just right for you.

Find out more about ingenie’s black box insurance for good drivers.

Lois Graham

By Lois Graham

Lois joined ingenie in 2020 and works on our content and blogs. She passed her driving test in 2016 and still drives her first car, a black Mini ONE named Umo.