What our customers say

I received a discount of £164 for driving well after just 3 months!

Benjamin Fisher, 18

What our customers say

ingenie gave me the chance to lower my premium further by driving well

Elizabeth Jarratt, 19

What our customers say

ingenie was the cheapest by £1,100 - without them I wouldn't be on the road!

Faith Mitchell, 19

What our customers say

When I renewed with ingenie my insurance came down by £963

Daniela Solari, 19

I couldn't imagine being insured with anyone else for my insurance so was worried I'd have to change insurers once I turn 21!! Thank you.

Hannah, 20th February 2020

My daughter is doing great so far, already earnt £60 back last month and next quarter looking good too. 😃 My son always earnt himself money back over the 3 years he was with ingenie too.

Debbie Cripps, 18th January 2020

Alfie Thorn

I saved over £500 from the next cheapest quote and so far I’ve had a £117 discount. I’m a student getting ready to go to university, so every penny of my money counts.

Alfie Thorn

Thank you to @ingenie for being a dream insurance company! from 2017 - now you’ve been ace and made it so easy for changing my car over! So happy I can have my dream car on your insurance too, so from me & the new car ty very much 💜

@tieganward_ward, 3rd December 2019

Danielle Goddard

I saved over £600 by choosing ingenie and knowing that the price would drop after driving well was a real incentive for me. I’ve had a discount at every stage possible.

Danielle Goddard

5 STARS from me and I’d most definitely recommend this insurance! Engineer was friendly when fitting my black box and it was done quickly ✅ Also the ingenie app is very helpful, it will help you become a better driver.

El, 15th November 2019

Faith Mitchell

ingenie was the cheapest by £1,100 - without them I wouldn't be on the road!

Faith Mitchell

We use ingenie for our daughter's car insurance. She just received this gift and it’s one of the best marketing campaigns I’ve ever seen! Absolutely brilliant!

@JayneCormie, 26th September 2019

Daniela Solari

When I renewed with ingenie my insurance came down by £963!

Daniela Solari

Thanks ingenie for my air fresheners! I now have a lovely smelling car again 😍

@CazzagLeland, 23rd September 2019

Elizabeth Jarratt

With ingenie they offer a low insurance premium and lower it even more if you're a good driver, win win for a student really!

Elizabeth Jarratt

Only way I can really say thank you is by saying that you may be my new insurance company. 😍 May I join the squad? 😛

@StevenArnottOff, 27th August 2019

Thanks to ingenie for my summer gifts! Best car insurance ever!

@hannahlizwoods2, 8th August 2019

My son has been with you for 2 years and I honestly believe you have helped him become a better driver, with your incentives etc. Thank you

@jbelectrical, 7th August 2019

Another all green feedback message set, thanks @ingenie! #GreenLooksGoodOnYou ✅😀

@wkdchris1991, 21st June 2019

@ingenie bagged myself a £25 discount 👏🏼 87/100 isn’t too bad considering I’ve smashed 2,642 miles this time!

@CazzagLeland, 18th June 2019

Definitely need this post to help with my studying! Thank you! 😊

xemmamannx, 3rd May 2019

When your car insurance company sends you surprise gifts 😍 thanks ingenie

Caroline Chelsea-Grace, 12th April 2019

Does your insurance do this? ingenie continues to amazing me 👍😊

ritch.pics.photography, 22nd February 2019

Thanks @ingenie. Fantastic insurance company, it’s the second year my daughter has been with them.

@NicolaHitchcock, 20th April 2018

Really pleased my son is being rewarded for safe driving another £10 per month saved ! Well done. @ingenie #blackbox

@jbmelectrical, 19th April 2018

Just got my renewal price from @ingenie for my second year driving! Couldn't be happier, having a black box & insuring with ingenie has definitely been worth it😊

@emilyleonardxox, 17th April 2018

big up @ingenie for the discount on my car insurance

@jasmineruhiu, 14th April 2018

@ingenie, Always making my fridays better😊

@emilyleonardxox, 13th April 2018

Just want to thank you for your amazing customer service unlike some other companies... can always rely on you lot❤️❤️❤️❤️

@ashleightyrrelI, 8th April 2018

A special thank you to my car insurance company @ingenie who posted me out packets of Haribo sweets to get me through my AS exam revision!

@Its_Me_Rich, 2nd April 2018

Our sons are also with ingenie ( paid for by the bank of Mum and Dad ) who are very impressed that their sensible driving brings down payments 👍

@JElizabeth31, 28th March 2018

Just had my insurance renewal from @ingenie. Really pleased. Would recommend to anyone.

@AdamsJadams292, 28th March 2018

The insurance company that uses memes and takes a genuine interest in their customers and cares. Love @ingenie's social team!

@Its_Me_Ritch, 28th March 2018

When I first started driving my insurance was £172 a month, as of Friday it's now gone down to £34 a month - if you're a safe driver then I highly recommend @ingenie. Absolutely buzzing 😍

@emiliemary_, 6th March 2018

Well just got my renewal and HAPPY to say am staying 😁🚗😁🚗😁🚗😁

@wkdchris1991, 2nd March 2018

After getting a refund every quarter with @ingenie & the superb customer service after a none fault accident, young careful drivers would be mad to insure their first car with anyone else.

@IanDBlades , 26th February 2018

@ingenie buzzin thanks for lowering my insurance, absolute angels 🤪

@jaz_plumley, 26th February 2018

Great service from @ingenie fitting a black box to my daughter's car this morning. A prompt, efficient and friendly technician.

@MichaelHinton13, 7th February 2018

Thanks @ingenie! Renewal for £561😍

@ellieketurah_, 31st January 2018